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Dr. Jürgen Hohmann
Inspection générale de la sécurité sociale (IGSS)
26, rue Zithe
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Scientific Review Board

Dr. Barbara Banfield, USADescription with extra Text

Frau Pierrette Biver, LUStëftung Hëllef Doheem
Director of Nursing

Dr. Violetta Berbiglia, USADescription with extra Text

Herr Rodd Bond, IRLNetwell Centre

Redefining ICT –Intergrated Care Transformation

Prof. Dr. Manuela Eicher, CHHaute École de Santé
Doyenne recherche, développement et prestations de services

Dr. Carine Federspiel, LUZitha Senior
Medical Director

Prof. Dr. Dieter Ferring, LUUniversity of Luxembourg
Director of the research unit

Prof. Dr. Beth Geden, USAUniversity of Columbia Missouri

One size doesn’t fit all: Negotiating self-care demands – Case presentations from the realities of a primary care nurse practitioner will be made. The cases will illustrate the process of negotiating self care demands in the presence of specific of basic conditioning factors and foundational capabilities. In the day-to-day world of primary care, nurse practitioner must work with patients to bring together the realities of the medical guidelines for the management of patients’ health problems with the unique patients’ therapeutic self-care demands and their abilities to meet these demands. The development of patients’ action systems for meeting their care requirements requires the nurse to make adaptations and accommodations that meld the known demand within the realities of the patient’s own living experiences. The product of the nurse’s work is a blend of the ideal course of action with realities of patients to help them achieve improved health outcomes.

Beth Geden, PhD, RN, APN-FNP, FAAN Prof Geden’s professional and academic focus is on Bio-Physical Pathology in Nursing , Human Learning ,Educational Research Design & Development, and on Measurement and Evaluation technologies. She is currently working as Nurse Practitioner at the Family Health Center, Missouri. Columbia, USA. She received numerous professional awards and honors. She published more than hundred arctiles and book chapters on nursing research topics.

Dr. Oliver Herber, UKUniversity of Dundee
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Sabine Horstmann, DEGesellschaft für Versicherungswissenschaft und -gestaltung e.V.
Head of international Department

Dr. Sangarun Isaramalei, THAPrince of Songkla University, Hat-Yai
Deputy Director of Research & Development Office (RDO)

Frau Andrée Kerger, LUCellule d'Evaluation et Orientation de l'Assurance Dépendance
Deputy Director

Prof. Dr. Tiny Jaarsma, SEUniversity of Linköping

Using the concept Self-Care in patients care: New challenges or old news?

Prof. Dr. Tiny Jaarsma, PhD FAHA NFESC FAAN, is a professor in caring sciences at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Linköping, Sweden. Her research focuses on the consequences of heart failure for patients and their families, both in hospital or home care. She developed and tested the European Heart Failure Self-care Behavior Scale, which is available in 14 languages. She also tested various self-care interventions used in nursing practice. Recently she has focused her research on using technology to enhance self-care.

Dr. Robert Lemor, LURessource Centre for Health Care Technologies (CR SANTEC)

Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Panfil, CHUniversity of Applied Science St. Gallen

Frau Anne-Sophie Parent, BEAge Platform Europe
Secretary General

Prof. Dr. Olaf Scupin, DEUniversity of Applied Sciences, Jena

Prof. Dr. Susan Taylor, USAUniversity of Columbia Missouri

Moving Forward – Demand for Nursing and Helping Systems in 2020 and beyond Areas that will be explored in this keynote relate to the ever greater demand for professionally educated nurses in the future. Major areas of practice will involve helping persons learn how to care for self as well as providing care. The increasing number of people with chronic diseases and increasing use of technology requires nurses with knowledge of the science of self-care as well as technological skills. Future roles of professional nurses need to be developed in light of these variables. A solid science base is an essential part of professional educationand practice

Susan G Taylor, PhD, FAAN, Professor Emeritus, Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO 65211. Retired Professor of Nursing, Director of Doctoral Studies, Undergraduate Curriculum Coordinator and member of the faculty, 1976-2000. Co-author of „The Science Self-Care, Nursing Theory, and Evidence-based Practice“, 2011. Member of Board of Directors, Primaris: Healthcare Business Solutions, Columbia, MO.

Frau Laurence Weber, LUInspéction génénale de la sécurité sociale
Deputy Inspector of Social Security- Statistics, Social Programming, research

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