Message from the President
Building the theoretical basis of nursing is an important contribution that nurses can make to the development of health related policy and programs. Nursing is a practice discipline and as such much of the expansion of nursing knowledge occurs in the practice environment. Continuing development of theories of nursing practice can facilitate organizing and sharing the understandings acquired in practice. I would like to invite nurses from around the world to join with the IOS at our 12th World Congress in the continuation of our work of adding to the knowledge base of the science of self-care as we focus on the design of nursing systems related to healthy aging and systems of dependent-care.

Luxembourg Kathie Renpenning
President International Orem Society for Nursing Science and Scholarship
Luxembourg Mars Di Bartolomeo
Minister of Health
Minister of Social Security
In the European Year of active ageing, Luxembourg welcomes that the IOS in its 12th World Congress moves the transformation of health and long-term care in our ageing societies in the centre of attention, considering also the impact on nursing systems’ design including financing and education. The socio-economic perspective on nursing systems certainly complements the scientific discussions on the self-care deficit nursing theory, developed by Dorothea Orem. It is our honour to host this event. In 1999, Luxembourg responded to its demographic development with the implementation of mandatory long-term care insurance, being the youngest branch of our social security system. This decision turned out to be a true blessing for elderly and dependent people as well as for a large number of caregivers. The long-term care benefits are among the crucial factors, why, in Luxembourg, the at-poverty rate among the elderly population nearly is two-thirds below the EU 27 average (6% vs. 18%) (Eurostat 2011). The constantly expanding capacity and range of specialised care and services have significantly improved the access to the system and represent a strong economic factor and a real job motor. Further, demographic, behavioural and technical challenges influence trends in nursing. As one side effect of the ageing population, the probability of suffering from more than one chronic disease increases significantly in the population aged over 65, and dementia, in particular, is one of our main concerns. We expect an increasing demand for more developed and hence more costly health and long-term care systems. As a consequence, our health and long-term care system and its funding require thorough evaluation and consolidation in order to be well prepared for future challenges. I am convinced that the congress will attract leading scientists and political experts in the field of nursing theory, health and nursing care systems. It should equally give professional practitioners, young scientists and other relevant stakeholders good opportunities to present and exchange the scientific advancements and experiences. Luxembourg is prepared to learn from your knowledge and get inspiration for our nursing system. In return, we offer you a stimulating atmosphere and the enjoyment of the beauty of our country. I cordially invite you to attend and shape this conference.