luxembourg Hardly any other European capital city serves up such an impressive array of contrasts as Luxembourg. In the course of its history, spanning more than a thousand years, the city has grown from “Lucilinburhuc”, the seat of Siegfried, the first Count of Luxembourg, to the prosperous metropolis it is today. In between lie centuries of turbulent history, reflected in the city’s silhouette that towers above the impressive remains of the historic fortress. The city’s topography is characterised by green river valleys that can be crossed by well over a hundred bridges, providing links between the historic and modern parts of the city. Its population is polyglot and cosmopolitan. Of the approximately 85,000 inhabitants (120,000 if one includes the outer suburbs), over 60% are foreigners, a fact that is reflected not least in the wide range of multilingual and international cultural events on offer. We wish to welcome you with a very warm “bonjour“, or “Moien” in luxembourgish!

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